Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Lack of Blogging Here

It isn't that I haven't wanted to blog...or that we haven't had anything to blog about. Quite the contrary, really. It's just that real life kept getting in the way. And the weather just hasn't been conducive to blogging. It's been way too beautiful outside to be inside on the computer. And we're just having so much fun and getting so much done. Even now, I'm afraid my blogpost will be all too brief. I'd love to go ON AND ON about how awesome Frazier is at 21 months, and all the things he says and all the things we do together and how sweet and adorable he is...almost all the time. I'd like to wax poetic about his many talents and his staggering intelligence and how he unleashed his creativity on my dining room silver Sharpie. These are the days.
Every day just gets better. And messier, it seems...but that's what Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are for, right?
I'd like to brag about how I spring cleaned my ENTIRE house room by room, and every closet, drawer, even the boxes in the top of my closet...and then had a remarkable garage sale to rid myself of the unnecessary. Then I'd like to tell about how, since we'll be spending Easter with my family in BELGIUM we had a lovely early Easter in Ruston last weekend complete with egg dying and an egg hunt.
...and how Frazier and I were invited to an Easter party on Monday and it reminded me again of what fabulous friends we have and how blessed we are to get to hang out together and have lunch and decorate cookies and hunt eggs.
Yeah, I'd like to tell you about all of those things. And in detailed, well-written prose. But I'm afraid I just don't have time! I did mention we're going to Belgium right? Tomorrow?

People like to remind me not to take these days for granted, but they don't have to. I already know how much I'll miss them and it makes me love them all the more. The lack of blogging is just us squeezing all the goodie out of every second of the day.

Monday, April 4, 2011

And I think to myself, "What a wonderful weekend!"

Caution: picture overload. So don't say you weren't

First things first- this past Thursday, the 31st, was my little brother's 22nd birthday and despite my best intentions, this picture didn't get posted. So here's a late birthday greeting from the Fraz and me.

Next up: our zoo weekend! We had Grammie here to visit starting on Wednesday of last week. Then, on Friday, Mae Mae and Pop and Grandpa Jim came over. We had a joint birthday celebration for Pop (whose birthday was last weekend) and Grammie (whose birthday is next week)!
The weather was really beautiful and with so many people around it meant there was always someone (and in most cases, multiple someones) to blow bubbles, and draw with sidewalk chalk, and play in the sandbox...
Then it was off to Tyler for Frazier's first trip to the zoo!
I really think Frazier had the quintessential first zoo trip experience- every exhibit was a photo op and with four cameras and one video camera...our visit was well documented. He pet some goats, fed some birds and got cool surprises from the gift shop courtesy of all those grandparents we took with us. :) What more could you want from a zoo trip? He even got the benefit of having Mae Mae and Grammie to play with on the ride home!
What a weekend. What a happy, memorable weekend.