Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Very Merry Wednesday

I will begin by noting, because I must and because everyone wants to know what to call Baby-Still-Yet-To-Be-Named, that baby naming is far more difficult than we anticipated. Not only is it excruciatingly tedious because the possibilities are, quite literally, endless, but I've also found that it I don't enjoy it at all. We both seem to lack the energy needed lately to really make a decision so for now we are not making one. In the meantime we are calling him Soda. (That's a Seinfeld reference for those who aren't fans.) If you absolutely must call him something you may do so too.
Second, I am happy to say that my Wednesday was made leaps and bounds more exciting because Soda's first baby gift (er...second, actually- my mom gave him a book for Christmas, Counting with Wayne Theibaud- see pic below- which is quite possibly my favorite baby item ever) anyway, his second gift arrived today via my friend Lindsey Taylor who knows me well enough to always pick out things I'm excited about and the baby gift was no exception. Receiving blankets which coordinate perfectly with the bedding I chose (about which I'll blog soon) and a Tech cute is this?
So big thanks to Lindsey (and to Mom)...
Hugs to all,

randi, josh, gatsby, and soda :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

About A Boy...

So here is our official first post in which I announce (though I'm pretty sure everyone who cares to knows already) that Baby-Yet-To-Be-Named is a boy!! I am posting only this picture, because it is my favorite and because it is a head shot. I am not posting the butt shot, of BYTBN spread eagle with an arrow pointing out the telltale sign he's male. I'm just not- sorry. I mean, what are we- four? Do we really need to point and giggle? Not at my baby. Anyway, it was amazing to see how much he'd changed. He finally looked like a little human, albeit a decidedly grumpy one. :(
Here's his first ultrasound...when he looked like a seamonkey.
In six weeks we'll have our 4D ultrasound which I'm really excited about. It should be much clearer and far more interesting to look at. So, I suppose that's it for now. Sure, I could go on and on saying all those things expectant parents say when they talk or write or blog about the baby's ultrasound...but I'm not. It's always the same stuff...and you've heard it before. You can probably just think up a decent paragraph on your own based on what you've heard before- and you can just insert all that {here}. I will say how grateful we are God blessed us with a baby (in His own time and of His own choosing, I might add- I don't know why I bother to speculate and make plans!). He's a miracle we don't deserve. And we really can't wait to meet him!
Love to all-

La-la-la-la life goes on...

Well, hello there and welcome!
After much consideration, in light of the fact that we're having a baby, I've decided a new family blog is warranted. On my first blog, (which has been sadly neglected lately due in no small part to aforementioned impending baby) I put forth an honest effort to keep the posts conspicuously absent of the minutae of my everyday life. I tried to maintain the kind of blog I'd want to read...which meant far more pictures than words, few opinions and even less details of my random, rambling days. As we watched Baby-Yet-To-Be-Named yesterday, however, it occured to me that there are some personal minutae worth least with loved ones. So, for the people who love us, I'm starting this blog- so you can share with us the details of our new life about which the world at large would care little or nothing. If you're one of those people (and let's face it, why would you be here if you weren't?)...THANKS. We're lucky to have you. And so is Baby-Yet-To-Be-Named.