Friday, February 3, 2012

Firestation #3

There are two things I can rest assured will always be out somewhere on my floor...a train, and a firetruck. And most likely some assorted firemen. So you can imagine how excited Frazier was when my thoughtful friend, Jenny, planned a trip to one of our local firestations in lieu of our regularly scheduled every-other-Friday-playdays. I actually told him several days in advance we were going because I was so excited because I knew he'd be so excited...which made for a really long anticipatory week. But looking forward to it's half the fun, right?

The night before we made cookies to take and Frazier decorated the container with lots of firefighter and firetruck stickers! He was so proud of them and he even gave them to one of the guys all by himself! I missed getting the camera out, but it was really sweet.
We visited station #3 which is a very impressive station, home to two trucks, an ambulance, a boat and a crew of really excellent firefighters. They spent about an hour and a half showing us around and letting the kids check out the truck and even letting them spray with the hose!
I asked Frazier what he was going to wear that morning and he said without hesitation, "My pireman suit!" Like, duh.
It was a pretty big day! Frazier's still talking about it!