Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shades of Green

Wishing you a rainbow,
and sunlight after showers.
Miles and miles of Irish smiles,
and happy golden hours.
Shamrocks at your doorway,
and luck and laughter, too...
And a host of friends that never ends-
each day your whole life through!

We started our green day with these green Spinach-Quinoa muffins which I meant to post the link to the recipe for before today...but I didn't. Sorry. They're really yummy, though and we eat them all the was just extra appropriate today. Frazier and I made a couple of batches awhile back and froze them. He eats one almost every day and I get one out of the freezer for breakfast now and then too!

And now to the best part about our Shamrock Day:
It's been awhile since we had a party, and I decided St. Patrick's day was as good a holiday as any to throw another one! So, Frazier and I invited over a bunch of friends and had a St. Patty's Day Picnic! We asked everyone to bring their own sandwiches, and we supplied drinks, desserts, fruit, veggies, dips and chips...all in shades of green! I made shamrock sugar cookies with green dough and icing......and a homemade green velvet cake with light green cream cheese frosting!Since green (more specifically, chartreuse ) is my favorite color, there is no shortage of green stuff around here and it turns out green food and drink is extremely easy to come by: green salsa, guacamole, snap pea crisps, honeydew, kiwis, green grapes, granny smith apples, broccoli, cucumber, celery, green goddess dressing, green juice boxes, green lemonade, Perrier, Sierra Mist, and even Dr. Peppers in the vintage green cans! I had so much fun coming up with the whole green "menu"!Frazier helping himself to a green rice krispie treat...or two.
We're certainly "lucky" to have so many good friends- the company couldn't have been better and the weather was perfect too! We had such a good time...I think we were both sad to see everyone go! I know I was sad when it was over...but the best part of having great friends is knowing they'll always be back!
Frazier played so hard all morning long that he was all tuckered out by the time our last guest left; he went straight to bed for a long nap!
And just in case you wondered...colored bubbles? Remarkably. Bad. Idea. Even Frazier agreed. My sentiments exactly, little buddy.

Just wanted to let you know it was a magnificent mess, lest you buy some yourself and find out the hard way. That "washable" on the label? Doesn't apply to your patio or certain tennis shoes. Take my advice and don't go there.

Hope your St. Patrick's Day was happy, too!

May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow,

And the good Lord be with you wherever you go.

Friday, March 11, 2011

New 'Do

I've trimmed it a couple of times myself, but we decided that, at long last, it was time to officially tame the Fraz 'fro. Long, wavy. wispy-ness may have been cute for awhile, but it was getting out of hand. Case in point:

And it almost always looked like that. So we were getting comments. Also, we've had a staggering number strangers think throughout the last few months he was a girl regardless of what I dressed him in. I mean, I know he's a beautiful boy...but really? Come on. Therefore, today was the day- Frazier's first haircut!

Since Josh is quite devoted (which, after our excellent experience today, I now totally understand) to his barber shop and barber, and since I don't even have a hairdresser we took him there when Josh got off work today. And Mr. Tim was the best first barber a kid could hope for! Josh had his haircut first and was just finishing up as we walked in so Frazier got to see Dad in the chair and was very intrigued. Then we asked if he was ready for his turn and he shook his head! He pretty much refused to sit in the chair alone, so Josh sat with him and after that he was great! He sat perfectly still the whole time...even when Tim got out the clippers. I took several videos to prove it.

One guy who was waiting to get his hair cut and had been watching Frazier even said, "Looks like he's a real good kid," and we had to agree. :)

Tim saved us some hair in a little envelope which he labeled and dated for us and even gave us a first haircut certificate for Frazier's keepsake box. Then we went about our merry-well groomed-way with a blue raspberry Dum-Dum. Mission happily accomplished!

Handsome, right?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mardi Gras

There have been years I made as many as seven homemade king cakes and decorated my house in green and gold and purple to celebrate Mardi Gras...I'm from Louisiana, afterall. While this was not one of those excessive years, it wasn't the least festive Mardi Gras I've had either. I made a total of three king cakes this year and this past weekend we went to the Jefferson Mardi Gras parade! Unfortunately, after weeks of beautiful warmish weather, parade day dawned gray and cool and damp. We also woke up with colds. We had a great time anyway, but in every picture I took, Frazier looks a little dreary. I don't think I have one picture from the whole day where he's smiling! Nevertheless, he sat and waved to all the floats that passed and ended up with a whole mess of beads!