Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Square in Leuven where Ross lives...
...close up of that bug on a spit...
Tongeren flea market
Galerie Lafayette
The Eiffel Tower all a sparkle.
My favorite Christmas window- Printemps, Paris.
Reims Cathedrale
Beer tasting in Hasselt
Koln Cathedrale
Stick art
Kringwinkel miscellany.


Witloof pizza from Pizza Hut Belgium (this was so good we had it twice!):

Lunch Ross made:
Take away from the Tasty Bowl. Tasty indeed.
I seriously might frame this one:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


As usual, it's overwhelming to be back and have to summarize my trip for people...and myself. There's just so much to do and tell and remember! I'll never manage it all, but since I finally got the pictures off of my camera and had a few minutes to sort through them, I thought I'd do a couple of posts of random pictures to supplement the ones my Mom already posted.

Airports and airplanes...
A Biscoff cookie for each hand (and several packages of extras). Thank you Mr. Delta Flight Attendant.
Belgium!Lunch at Uncle Ross's apartment in Leuven.
Brioche. Yum.
Bedhead extraordinaire.
The family's family away from family. Seriously lovable folks.

The long voyage home.
Why we went:
(And also for the food. And the trip to Paris. But mostly this.)