Monday, August 27, 2012

Lucky Number 7

"To me the thing about marriage is, I can't believe how often it happens.  I mean, I like the idea of it, but I can't believe that many people are meetin' people that they want to see every single day, everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday."
-Jerry Seinfeld

Today, twelve years ago, Josh and I went on our first date.  

And today seven years ago we got married.

Here's to having found that someone I want to see every. single. day.  Everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baby Shower!

I have a list of blogposts I want to do before the baby gets here, but this new blogger interface is killing me!  I'm having trouble getting pictures to upload correctly so the process of creating even the simplest post is laborious and time consuming. :/  Anyway, one of the things I wanted to post about was this adorable baby shower some of my sweet friends hosted a couple of weekends ago!

It was a perfect afternoon and I got so much GREAT girlie stuff.  I couldn't wait to get home and organize it all in her room and now that that's done, I can't wait to use it all!!  Thanks to everyone who was you all!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lentil's Room

It's finally done!  And by done I mean literally baby-ready.  All her little clothes are clean and organized by size in her closet; there are diapers in the diaper stacker and spares under the changing table!
Though I didn't actually paint on her walls like I did in Frazier's room, I don't feel at all like she's been slighted a bit because I made more for her room for sure!  This painting I'd done years ago (even before Frazier was born) was my inspiration.  I added a few things to it for her.  So the decor revolved around sweet stuff...heavy on the cherries and strawberries. :)

I ordered the felt fruit for this mobile and the felted cookies separately then hung them all together on a dismantled mobile of Frazier's and it matched the painting perfectly!
Made this [fake] candy mobile for over the changing table:
The apple tree painting is another of my old ones and I refinished the little hutch myself.  It began life as this:
And now looks like this:
Also my paintings above the changing table and I painted the lanterns and made the strawberry ones.  I picked out my own fabric and commissioned the diaper stacker and changing pad cover.
The shelves on the wall are old drawers from my old booth at Vintage Soul.  I repapered the backs, screwed them together and painted them all the same color.  (Valspar:  Sweet Mint)  I made the bunting and the valance (out of the same fabric used for the diaper stacker), but the brown curtains were hand-me-downs from Frazier's old was the bedding.  All the pillows I found individually on etsy, except one I found in Italy.
This chevron print hook is from Hobby Lobby, but I painted the cherries and stuff over it.

I adore the strawberry rug. Found that online.
My grandfather made the little nightstand by adding a shelf to another old drawer I had and some legs from Lowe's.  I'd actually picked it up at the Re-Store for $1awhile back thinking it looked like a little table and had been waiting to be able to use it!  The chalkboard, white frame, lamp and little green shelf were things I already had.  I just added the chalkboard part, made a bulletin board out of fabric and rick-rack and decorated a lampshade I found at Goodwill.  Voila!  The little basket I have sitting on the nightstand shelf is one I got at my friend's garage sale.  I painted it pink and embroidered the little fabric insert with strawberries and cherries.
 I had so much fun working on it, I'm a little sad it's over!  But relieved, too.  I can't wait for her to live in it!