Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Frazier 3.5

On January 16th, Frazier was three and a half years old.

 ...and I'm pretty sure he's the best three and a half year old ever.  Though I suppose I may have to amend that statement when N.G. is 3.5.

 Even though I've enjoyed Fraz at every stage, I've never wished I could keep him at any one age...until now.  I kind of wish he could be three and a half for always.  Every day he seems taller and less rounded around the edges.  He says things more correctly than he did the day before, and he picks up more habits of ordinary grown ups.  One day he won't have those big squishy cheeks, and he won't say "Oh tay" anymore.  He won't hum everywhere he goes and the stuff he wears will actually make other people.
 Sometimes he's so cute and clever I can hardly stand it.  I have my camera always at the ready.  I wish I could film hours of our day- it would be the closest thing to having him three and a half forever.  Then I wouldn't forget all the funny stuff he says and the profound things he asks.
I suppose it gets better.  When they're four and seven and ten and a half...and when they're twenty and you get to go to the movies whenever you want again, but I want always to remember how good this was.

 Because there has never been a day that ended when I wasn't sorry to see him go to bed.

 You are my Sunshine, Superfraz.

Superman or Green Lantern ain't got nothin' on you.

 As ever,

Saturday, January 19, 2013

And So This Is Christmas

It's taken me, what?, three weeks to get some semblance of a slideshow together of Christmas pictures?  It's a good thing I don't blog for a living.  We did have a spectacular Christmas (even though we all had colds, N.G. had a goopy eye and on Christmas day I completely lost my voice) that I'm sure will only be topped by the Christmases to come...because they just get better every year!  We made a gingerbread house, cookies, candies, we drove around looking at lights, we went to the parade and Santaland, we saw Santa, like, three times, we shopped, we ate, we played games, we worked puzzles, we sat around the fire and drank cocoa, we sang Christmas songs for weeks, we wore Christmas shirts and sweaters and socks, we went to the church Christmas program, our family did the advent reading and lighting one Sunday, we watched every Christmas movie we own, we did Christmas stuff with friends, we did Christmas stuff with family, we wrapped gifts, we unwrapped gifts.  We reveled; we savored.  It was just everything Christmas should be.

And then some.

 I'm elbow-deep in thank you notes for all the love we were shown.  One of these days I'm going to finish writing them all, but they won't be able to fully express our thanks.  To those of you who made our Christmas unforgettable yet again- you know who you are.  And you know how we feel. :)

I wish it could be Christmas everyday.