Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Zoo Day

This year, we have a family membership to the zoo (thank you, Aunt Becky and Uncle Jimmy!) so a couple of weeks ago we decided on a whim to go.  The kids had been sick with bad colds and the three of us hadn't left the house in 5 DAYS so we were eager to go somewhere and the weather was just perfect!

Frazier spent the whole day in full safari attire.
We got him a zoo map which he consulted occasionally and then folded and put back in his vest pocket.

 It had been well over a year since we'd been to the zoo, and I think Frazier had kind of forgotten what one is like.  We intend to make this a much more frequent activity this year!

 N.G. spent a lot of her first trip to the zoo like this:
Also had the compass on hand...just in case we got lost. And misplaced our map.
Standing on one foot:

 We ran a couple of other errands and then stopped for dinner with some friends on the way home that day and later that night as we were driving to our house, Frazier said, "Remember we went to the zoo? And saw a tidur?" We told him we remembered and he said,  "Maybe we tan do there adain tomowow."

I think he enjoyed it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Two Sweet Kiddos

 You don't know yet how lucky you are to have each other...
but you're welcome.