Saturday, September 21, 2013


At the beginning of September, Frazier started school! We found one this spring that we liked, and I spent the summer collecting gear, and talking up the experience to Fraz.
  I knew it would be good for him, and that he'd enjoy it, but selfishly, I thought about how much I'd miss him.  Since he has a "class" he goes to during MOPS meetings, and BSF and Sunday School and Cubbies, he has some classroom experience, but none of those exceed much more than a couple of hours.  The 5 1/2 hours that school stretches over was bound to be an adjustment for both of us. The night before Day 1 I packed his lunch and thought about how he'd eat it without me...and how few times he's eaten lunch without me.  We got all his gear ready and I gave him "If You Take A Mouse To School", which we read several times before bed.

First day of preschool pic:
He was so anxious to get into his classroom he ran right in and I had to chase him down to kiss and hug him good-bye.  I didn't even cry, but I didn't want to go back home just yet without him.  There are plenty of times he stays at home with Josh while I have to go somewhere, but I'm rarely home without him and wasn't anxious to spend the whole day that way, so I took N.G. to The Corner Bakery for breakfast.  As soon as we sat down with our muffin "Just The Two Of Us" came on.  So fitting.  We had a really nice morning just the two of us, though we were both, I think, at a bit of a loss as to what to do without Frazier.  I realized how seldom I actually talk just to Norma Grace.  Frazier, because he can talk, dominates so much of our conversation and so much of my attention.  I've been  trying to remember what we did when all the time when Frazier was one and it was just us.  I forced an early naptime for N.G. and actually got dinner going and the house clean while she slept.  She woke up just in time to go get Frazier and we were certainly ready to go get him!  His first comment about Day 1 was that it "took [me] a long time to come back".  Then he told me that naptime was too long.  And that there was a different potty [urinal] in the boys bathroom in which they were NOT allowed to poop. :)  Overall, he's had fun, and N.G. and I make the most of our time together just us.  He only goes Tuesdays and Thursdays and Norma Grace and I are perfectly happy with that.  If possible, I think she is happier to see him when we pick him up than I am.  We go through a pick up line in the afternoons and when he gets in the car she squeals and kicks her feet and laughs. I like his teachers (there are two) and there are only ten kids in his class. They have gross motor, music (or "songs" as Frazier calls it) and chapel, plus recess and they walk down to a little cafeteria for lunch.  Last Thursday was bring-your-bear-to-school-day and Frazier took my old bear, Gundy, who has become a fast friend to him as well.  They both had a good day, except that apparently, Frazier forgot to tell Gundy he'd be back when they left for lunch.  He almost cried telling me about how his teacher wouldn't let him go back and tell him! Sweet kid. I love the routine of it, and the opportunity I have to be just with N.G. like I was so long with Frazier.  I like that I can plan errands for those days that I know Frazier wouldn't want to have to do with Hobby Lobby and grocery shopping.  He comes home with a new worksheet and craft every day.  They'll have little parties for every holiday (and since I'm room mom, I'll be in on all those).  He's making new friends and learning something different every day.  I'm so glad he gets to go..even if I feel a little incomplete when we're apart. :) 

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  1. It gets easier, but never easy. He looks so grown up :)